Learn Everything You Need To Become A Professional Makeup Artist

Introducing Al Rubas Makeup Course 2.0

Course Overview

Day 1

(Skin preparation, colour theory, how to choose foundation?)
Day 2
Day look
Understanding what clients Intensifying the look
Day 3
Sculpting face
( Contour, blush, highlight)

Night look
Day 4
Glamorous Look
Arab clients request
Day 5
Eyeliner classic/bold liners
All types of products
How to make right decision
Day 6
Halo eye
Types of halo look
Day 7
Smokey eye
Tips and tricks
Day 8
Colourful day
Choice of right products

Day 9
Pre- exam day
Day 10
Examination Day

About the course

10 days and 3 hours daily.
This is because we want to provide our customers time with their personal life. This will allow you to work, spend time with family, etc.

Theoretical and practical training with models. Theoretical training will allow you to expertise in the field and collect the certificate.

Aftercare Program
Our graduates have lifelong support from Al Rubas professionals. This means that you always have a direct contact for support and asking questions that you didn't get to ask in the course.
  • Working as backstage makeup artists in fashion shows.
  • Choosing your direction in the field.
  • Interview preparation to increase the chances of employment.
  • Networking group to gain new experience and communicate with students with the same level or above. This opens opportunities for you and your career

After Completing The Course:

This course will teach you the most important aspects of becoming a professional makeup artist. Not only you will learn how to identify undertones, chose the right foundation, create a perfect eyeliner and know where to sculpt, but after completing this course, you will be able to...

  • Start earning money consistently as a makeup professional
  • Know the secrets to finding the best clients
  • Know exactly how to use lighting and your phone to create photos
  • Build an impressive online portfolio displaying your work
  • Grow your instagram following and increase your professional profile
Course Price
AED 7.500+ vat 5%
AED 6.500+ vat 5%
  • 13 pices brush set
  • Notepad Alruba Beauty
  • Beauty blender
  • Products provided
  • Models provided
  • KHDA cerificate
  • Alruba certification- International
  • Fashion show backstage attendance
  • 35 % -discount on Mac cosmetics
  • Portfolio provided
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Reviews from our students
  • Zahra
    Al Ruba Student
    I like the way Kamilla interacts with the student's although not many communicated she still has the same energy. She likes to ask and understand what the student's know's and understands each points of an individual student. Secondly i really like how open in the webinar especially it's "Free" i totally admire it. Thirdly the way she pushes the student's really motivates and gives confidence to me, i used to not be very confident but she was consistent in communicating and i felt really comfortable. Fourthly the way she shares her story to motivate other student's including me to do something for myself , what i love and what my passion is about makeup. Thankyou🌸
  • Faiza
    Al Ruba Student
    I really loved it, it was much more better than I expected, I missed a class on the first day and they took the responsibility of covering the class that I missed, the staff are very helpful and friendly it's kind of far the price is high but it's worth it as it's a qualified school. Adai is the trainer and she is amazing teaches every step of make up perfectly and explains on point really happy to learn basic makeup from a wonderful trainer and a lot of love and support from the staff. I suggest whoever want to learn the basic makeup or advanced you should definitely check out Al Ruba institute. Thank u 🤗
  • Jessica
    Al Ruba Student
    I studied in this school for about 25 days for makeup. And would say that it has given me a boost of confidence. Because besides the incredible makeup trainer I also got the chance to meet the whole Al Ruba team. It really does feel like a family, because I was making a lot of mistakes and no one shamed me for it. They were patient and would explain till i got it. Everyday I got to do beautiful makeup looks. I also enjoyed the fact that they were listening to our feedbacks. Because there were some issues from my side and they would fix it right away, very professional and responsible.

For whom

The course is for international makeup students, specifically for:
  • For beginners who want to start their career professionally in the beauty industry
  • For little experienced who have learned from Youtube and need practical training
  • For makeup artists who need to raise their qualifications
  • For salon owners who need to get hands-on training or train their staff
About us
AlRuba School For Makeup Artists is 5 years on the market with a tested course plan, guaranteeing effective learning. This is commented by our working students.

We are located in downtown Dubai with convenient parking inside the building.

Our mission
To release professional makeup artists all over the world and so that happy smiles never leave the faces of satisfied clients.

Currently, in the market, there are not enough makeup artists…
  • There were 3,000 makeup artists employed in 2012.
  • The Bureau of Labor Statistics states that the beauty industry is expected to grow 8% from 2018 to 2028
  • 650 beauty salons are looking for makeup artists
  • 350 projects/clients/fashion shows/bridal events for you to attend
  • 15000 dirhams Is the minimum amount a makeup artist earns a month

Our goal
To open an Alruba school in top cities around the world!
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Answers To Common Questions

  • Student:
    Is there a metro nearby?
    Yes, Business Bay metro station is 10min walking distance and 5min by car.
  • Student:
    Are the products and equipment included?
    Everything that you will need throughout the course is provided by us.
  • Student:
    Do you provide models?
    Yes, we will be the ones arranging the models for you. Each day you will have a different person.
  • Student:
    Will you prepare a portfolio for us?
    We will teach you how to correctly make the before and after photos and assemble them into a portfolio.
  • Student:
    Do you have parking?
    Yes, there is parking inside the building.
  • Student:
    Will I be able to get extra practice after the course?
    Yes, we have Saturday workshops where you will be able to get additional practice.
  • Student:
    Do you offer job placement?
    We are able to offer job placements only after completion of long term courses.
  • Student:
    Do you have evening classes?
    Yes, depending on the course, we offer classes in the evening.
  • Student:
    Are there any age restrictions?
    No, all ages are welcome to join our courses.
  • Student:
    Are there any requirements (existing knowledge or diploma) to join the course?
    No previous knowledge or qualifications are needed. The only requirement is passion.
  • Student:
    Is the certificate internationally recognized?
    The certificate is accredited by KHDA, and is well known around the world.
  • Student:
    Are installments possible?
    Only for long-term courses.
Still have questions?
Feel free to write and call us. We really love to communicate with our clients.
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